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Type II diabetes almost triples the risk for early menopause…

by , 08 May 2014

A recent study has highlighted the link between type II diabetes and menopause. Scientists knew menopause doesn't cause type II diabetes. But, according to this latest study, if you suffer with type II diabetes, you're three times more likely to reach menopause early.

Let's have a closer look…


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Study shows type II diabetes induces early onset menopause

In a study out of the University of Cartagena in Columbia, researchers conducted a survey with 6,079 women from 11 Latin American countries between the ages of 40 and 59.

Then they used a statistical programme developed by the Centre for Disease Control in the US to correlate the responses in association with factors including menopause and type II diabetes.   

The results showed women with diabetes are 2.76 times more likely to reach menopause early. In the study, women with type II diabetes reached menopause at the average age of 48.5. While non-diabetic women reached menopause at 50.1 years on average.

This may not seem like a big difference at first glance. But, when you look at this stat, it changes everything: Almost a third of women (29.5%) with type II2 diabetes in the study reached menopause by the age of 44.


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This information on diabetes is important to manage your symptoms 

Work with your doctor to plan your diabetes support programme before you reach menopause. If you know which menopause symptoms to expect and how you’ll tackle them, you’ll cope better than if you take a crisis control approach. And, you could avoid any complications of the diabetes later in life.

Try using natural menopause therapies to deal with your symptoms of menopause. And speak to a doctor about bio-identical hormone therapy to balance your hormone levels. You’ll need to work with a doctor who’s skilled in Natural Medicine for this, contact the Society for Integrative Medicine to find one in your area.  

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Type II diabetes almost triples the risk for early menopause…
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