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Type II diabetes alert: Five foods that contain more sugar than your average bar of chocolate!

by , 11 April 2014

If you have type II diabetes and have changed your diet, cutting out all those evil sugar filled chocolate bars, you might only be saving a small percentage of your daily sugar intake. The truth is that many seemingly “healthy” foods have added sugar! And it's this hidden sugar that has a devastating effect on your health. Here are five food culprits that contain more sugar than your average chocolate bar…

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Sugar is more dangerous for your type II diabetes than drugs

In this report, FSP’s Health Expert Carla Pinto explains how bad sugar is for your health. And it’s not the obvious sugar that’s the problem. It’s those foods containing hidden sugars, she says.

It’s become such a problem that the number of people who have diabetes shot up from 1.5 million to 18.5 million in the last 50 years! And, if your average person can’t control their sugar intake, what does that mean for you who already has type II diabetes?!

Well, we’re here to help!

Revealed: These five hidden sugar foods that can be devastating for your type II diabetes

Your average chocolate bar contains 26g of sugar, but these five seemingly “healthy items” contain more, says Womenshealthmag.com!

  1. Smoothies: Some “healthy” smoothies you buy from juice bars contain a whopping 60g of sugar! Make your own…
  2. Energy bars: These are for athletes who need the energy! And they contain around 30g of sugar. So, only eat energy bars if you’re training hard.
  3. Yoghurt and honey muesli: Think that this breakfast menu item is the healthiest choice? It’s not true… A small serving can contain as much as 30g of sugar. Stick to eggs and a single slice of whole grain toast when you go out for breakfast.
  4. Mixed fruit snacks while you’re on the go: Many of these quick and easy mixed fruit snack cups/packs contain as much as 30g of sugar. Rather eat fresh fruit!
  5. Grape juice: While grape juice has many nutritional benefits, it contains a lot of sugar. A whopping 36g per glass! Rather mix grape juice with water to cut down on your sugar intake.

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Shocking isn’t it! It’s no wonder type II diabetes is an epidemic!

Use this information to stay away from hidden sugars in the foods that appear healthy. And remember to take note of the food label on all your favourite products and read the sugar content carefully.

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Type II diabetes alert: Five foods that contain more sugar than your average bar of chocolate!
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