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Type 2 diabetic? You're TWICE as likely to suffer from arthritis too!

by , 25 February 2015

When you're healthy, insulin - the hormone produced by your pancreas - shuttles glucose into your cells so your body can convert into energy.

But, when you develop type 2 diabetes, your pancreas doesn't produce insulin the way it should anymore. As a result, glucose from the food you eat gets trapped in your bloodstream instead of going to your cells where it's really needed.

Besides feeling really tired all the time, this could also result in you experiencing joint pain. This because type 2 diabetics are twice as likely to also suffer from arthritis.

Why your weight gain could be the demise of your joints!

Type 2 diabetes is largely a disease caused by excess weight and obesity.

When you go beyond your ideal weight, the joints in your lower body feel the burden.

Not only that, your joints and organs have to deal with the added inflammatory chemicals your fat cells churn out too. These inflammatory chemicals exacerbate your joint pain.

But there’s a way to ease your joint pain AND manage your type 2 diabetes effectively… Lose weight!

Here’s how you can do that when everything else has failed…

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Your weight loss solution to help ease your arthritis

Losing weight will help you control your diabetes symptoms better AND relieve some pressure off your joints thereby reducing your joint pain.

You may feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing has helped you lose weight permanently.

But don’t despair, now there’s a proven diabetes programme you can follow that will help you lose weight, feel healthier AND help take some pressure off your joints.

In the meantime, resolve to losing weight. Once you’ve made a conscious mental decision to achieve something, you’re much more inclined to succeed at it. Believe you can and you WILL lose weight!

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Type 2 diabetic? You're TWICE as likely to suffer from arthritis too!
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