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Type 2 diabetes is caused by vitamin A and a high-fat diet

by , 30 May 2017
Type 2 diabetes is caused by vitamin A and a high-fat diet
Study findings presented at the American Physiological Society (APS) annual meeting at Experimental Biology 2017 reveal that a combination of normal levels of vitamin A and a high-fat diet is a recipe for type 2 diabetes.

According to the study, this combination may negatively impact the expression of your liver genes associated with glucose and fat metabolism and result in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Read on for what else the study found...

Researchers investigate whether or not vitamin A combined with a high-fat diet can lead to type 2 diabetes

To reach their findings, researchers looked at rats that they divided into two groups. They fed both groups a high-fat diet for eight weeks. One group consumed normal amounts of vitamin A, while the other group consumed foods that lacked the vitamin. The researchers measured the rats’ bodies every week.
After six weeks, the researchers found that the group that wasn’t consuming vitamin A fix had significantly lower body mass compared with the one that was.


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They also found that the rats in the vitamin A-free group had decreased fat mass in their livers and the duct surrounding their testicles (epididymis). The researchers noted that these trends continued through to the end of the trial.
They said the expression of a liver protein that regulates levels of retinoic acid, a by-product of vitamin A, was higher in the group that consumed vitamin A. It was also involved in the metabolism of cholesterol and fat.

Study concludes that the combination of vitamin A and a high-fat diet boosts type 2 diabetes risk factors

The researchers concluded that their results suggest that the combination of vitamin A and a high-fat diet may lead to a higher body weight and increased risk of insulin resistance – both major risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
“Our study (implies) that we should be careful about vitamin A, especially in overweight or obese people,” reported Heqian Kuang, first author of the study.

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Type 2 diabetes is caused by vitamin A and a high-fat diet
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