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Type 2 diabetes: Are you 40 but look 55? You might have THIS preventable disease…

by , 27 November 2014

The skin on your neck is less firm and patchy, your wrinkles deepen into crevices and your skin looks more dull and lifeless. For the life of you, you just can't seem to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes.

While you think you shouldn't look like this at 40, you realise there's not much you can do about the ageing process - outside using expensive creams and miracle makeup.

It must just be your genes and you vow you're going to “age gracefully” and simply learn to chalk each line and blemish on your face up to the great life you've had so far.

But what if the changes in your face aren't because of the ageing process - or your genes - at all?

What is there's something far more sinister going on inside your body that you don't even know about? Something that's causing you to age beyond your years?

Today, you'll discover the most important test to have on your 40th birthday so, come 50, you don't look and feel 75…

Did you know: This common disease could be the reason you’re ageing faster than you should

Ask yourself these five questions:
1.    Do I need stronger reading glasses than I did a year ago?
2.    Am I tired even after a good night’s sleep?
3.    Do I have patches on my neck, dark circles under my eyes and dry itchy skin?
4.    Am I thirsty all the time and I go to the loo a lot?
5.    Do I get anxious, irritable and easily frustrated when I haven’t eaten for a while?
If you answer “yes” to just a few of them, it’s time to go have yourself tested as these could be less obvious signs of type 2 diabetes in women.
Your blood sugar levels might be wrecking havoc on your system.
That’s right! You might be diabetic and not even know it.
Tami Ross, a diabetes instructor in Lexington, says the “magic number” for type 2 diabetes testing is 40.
Research shows that around the age of 40, changes in your body and its ability to cope with all the sugar you get from food can cause you to develop diabetes without even knowing about it.
That’s why, diabetes screening is the most essential test to have when you turn 40.
And even if the results come back and say you’re prediabetic, there’s something you can to change your fate…
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Change your diet and lifestyle to keep type 2 diabetes from leaving you looking and feeling older than you are!

With simple diet and lifestyle changes, you can beat diabetes from creeping up on you.
Being aware of foods containing sugar – even those you never thought did – can help you lower your sugar intake and, in turn, keep your blood sugar under control.
Getting more exercise is also important. Exercise forces your body to demand more energy. And it first uses the energy that’s immediately available, i.e. the sugar in your blood. So again, your blood sugar levels stabilise and return to healthier levels.
But here’s the thing: Eating healthy and exercising can help reverse the damage of premature ageing and can make you look and feel young again! So make the necessary changes to keep diabetes out of your future and from robbing you of your youth. 

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Type 2 diabetes: Are you 40 but look 55? You might have THIS preventable disease…
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