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Two simple tricks keep your type II diabetes under control and your blood sugar levels stable

by , 23 April 2014

When you have type II diabetes, temptation is even worse than it is for those who just want to manage their weight. This because it's not just about putting on weight if you eat a no-no treat, it'll send your blood sugar through the roof and you'll need to take action fast. And while you know it's not worth it in the end, temptation sometimes just gets the better of you! But this won't happen if you have a plan to beat all temptation. Today, discover how to keep temptation at bay using two simple tricks…

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Don’t let temptation ruin your perfect blood sugar

Rule #1: Don’t ever leave the house hungry
It’s true what the latest Snickers campaign says: "You're Not You When You're Hungry"… So don’t tempt fate when you leave the house and you’re hungry. You won’t be able to control your cravings as well and you’ll be tempted to eat foods that aren’t good for your blood sugar.
Rather eat a healthy snack before you go out – even if it’s for dinner – so you’re not tempted to eat something you shouldn’t, says everydayhealth.com.
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Rule #2: Keep an eye on those drinks that cause your blood sugar to spike
Some of your favourite drinks contain as much sugar as a chocolate bar! Apple juice is particularly bad because it contains so much sugar. If you can’t think of a substitute, mix a small part of juice with a large part of water to dilute the sugar content.
Don’t drink too much alcohol either. The carbs turn straight into sugar and can wreck havoc on your health because of your type II diabetes. Always eat before you drink, and where possible drink a spritzer rather than a straight drink.
Keeping your blood sugar under control is easy if you know how! Always have a plan to avoid temptation and you’ll be far better at managing your blood sugar and type II diabetes.

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Two simple tricks keep your type II diabetes under control and your blood sugar levels stable
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