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Twelve steps that beat diabetes and help you control your blood sugar

by , 24 October 2014

If you think preventing type 2 diabetes and controlling your blood sugar only involves avoiding sweet foods, you're wrong!

It's much more than that.

Keep reading to discover twelve unique ways to keep your blood sugar stable to prevent diabetes from ruining your health.

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Your diet is your best weapon against diabetes

1.    Avoid fruit juice, eat whole fruit instead.
2.    Choose full-cream dairy over fat-free varieties to stabilise your blood sugar.
3.    Cook pasta this way so it won’t mess with your blood sugar.
4.    Olive oil gives your cells a protective coating against diabetes.
5.    Eat tasty snacks that won’t send your blood sugar soaring!
6.    Get enough of this mineral so diabetes won’t be part of your future.
7.    This Halloween decorations in the key to keeping blood sugar spikes at bay!
8.    Grapefruit should be your favourite fruit when you’re trying to regulate your blood sugar.
9.    Change the way you cook to change the effect food has on your body.
10.  Beware of the foods you eat that are supposedly healthy…
11.  Eating more curry protects you against blood sugar spikes.
12.  Add a quarter teaspoon of ginger to your diet to protect against diabetes.
And that’s not all you can do to defeat diabetes and control your blood sugar
Here are two more:
1.    Lose weight to obliterate your diabetes risk!
2.    Use these five steps to ensure diabetes isn’t part of your future.
Bottom line: Whether you’re simply at risk of diabetes or suffering from the disease already, your approach to keeping your blood sugar stable and your health in check are the same!

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Twelve steps that beat diabetes and help you control your blood sugar
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