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Time to review your grocery list if you have type II diabetes!

by , 20 January 2014

If you have type II diabetes, you're well aware of your dietary requirements. You know exactly what you're supposed to eat. But there are some foods that sneak onto your grocery list, and you might not know exactly how bad they are for you! Let's have a look at the top five worst foods you could eat if you have diabetes type II.

There’s plenty of foods out there you’re not supposed to be eating because they’re bad for your health. 
But there are foods out there that you should just avoid, period, if you have type II diabetes!
Some of the foods on the top five worst foods for diabetics to eat could come as quite a shock to you, but take it from us, you’re better off avoiding them altogether!
Top five worst foods you can eat when you have type II diabetes
#1. Chicken nuggets
But they taste so good! Yes, they do, but that’s because they’re literally laden with salt and sugar and other bad things like preservatives.
Rather try make your own at home! They’ll be just as tasty and a lot healthier.
#2. White rice
In pops those unholy diet words, “refined sugars and carbohydrates” and white rice fits this description to the T.
Try whole grain blends or wild rice varieties as a substitute to your normal white rice varieties.
#3. French fries and potato chips
Both of these contain a lot of calories even when eaten in small amounts. 
Don’t let these low nutrition snacks keep you from meeting your dietary needs and even keep your weight on! This only spells disaster for your type II diabetes
Eat fresh foods and healthy dips instead and you’re sure to benefit your health a whole lot more!
#4. Soft drinks
Yup, even diet drinks are bad for your type II diabetes
Quench your thirst with water and you’ll leave your body feeling so much healthier!
#5. Processed meats
Don’t fall prey to this convenient food… You’re racking up your salt intake and causing your health and diabetes harm. 
Processed meats are also linked to causing diabetes in the first place, so avoid them!
Use leftover chicken and meat as your sarmie fillers instead. 
Bottom line: Foods that hold the secret ingredients are usually the ones you need to worry about most. Always think about what’s on the food label before you simply assume that something’s healthy for you. Get the upper hand on your diabetes and eat a healthy, balanced diet!

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Time to review your grocery list if you have type II diabetes!
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