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Three ways to stay healthy this winter despite having type 2 diabetes

by , 20 May 2014

As a diabetic, your immune system needs a little added help to stay on top of things. And you're probably dreading winter and the season of colds and flu that come along with it!

But there are ways to give your immune system a boost and prevent the effects of a common cold from leaving you feeling completely down and out this winter.

Use these three steps to keep your health in top shape. Despite your type 2 diabetes having taken its toll on your immune system…

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Don’t let type 2 diabetes leave you vulnerable to sickness this winter 

Step 1: Get some exercise
The National Institutes of Health says exercise gives your immune system a boost by helping your body fight bacteria and viral infections. This because you increase your waste excretion when you increase your physical activity. Do moderate intensity exercise like yoga, pilates or thai chi to improve your fitness levels.
Step 2: Wash your hands often
The most common way bacteria spreads is through skin contact. During winter, prevent the spread of germs by washing your hands often or keep a waterless antibacterial lotion at your desk at work. Avoid rubbing your eyes, nose or mouth before washing your hands as bacteria and viruses get into your system via your mucous membranes.
Step 3: Take a supplement
Spirulina algae is an essential part of boosting your immune system. This because 1g of spirulina is the equivalent to getting the nutrients from 1kg of fruit and vegetables! Speak to your doctor about taking a spirulina supplement to keep your immune system healthy.
As you can see, keeping your immune system fighting off bacteria and disease is easy, despite living with type 2 diabetes! Use these three steps to stay healthy this winter.
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Three ways to stay healthy this winter despite having type 2 diabetes
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