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Three type 1 diabetes signs and symptoms that usually arrive without warning

by , 06 November 2017
Three type 1 diabetes signs and symptoms that usually arrive without warning
While there's no way to prevent or cure type 1 diabetes, watching out for tell-tale signs and symptoms can help you notice that something is wrong sooner.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms usually arrive without warning. You may suddenly notice that your breath smells fruity, experience unexplained weight loss or have bad abdominal pain.

These are all warning signs that your immune system has gone awry and destroyed the insulin-producing cells in your pancreas. Read on for more about these signs…

Watch out for these three type 1 diabetes warning signs

#1: Your breath smells fruity or like wine
Like type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes falls under diabetes mellitus, a term that means “sweet urine”. It makes reference to the sugar that people with the blood sugar disorder excrete in their urine. Type 1 diabetes doesn’t only make your urine smell sweet or like wine though – it makes your breath smell like that, too. This smell is due to the overproduction of ketones, an alternate energy source when your cells don’t have enough sugar to burn.


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#2: You’re experiencing unexplained weight loss
When your cells don’t have any sugar to sustain them, they become starved and start looking for alternate energy sources. Eventually, your body starts breaking down fat and muscle to use for fuel, which can lead to rapid, unexplained weight loss even if you’re eating as per usual. The amount of weight loss varies from person to person, but could be as much as 5 kg to 15 kg.
#3: You have bad abdominal pain
Abdominal pain is a typical sign of diabetic ketoacidosis, when the ketones in your blood raise to dangerous levels. Other signs of ketoacidosis include nausea, vomiting, rapid breathing, drowsiness, weakness, confusion and chest pain. This condition can reach crisis levels in just 24 hours. These are usually the people who end up in the emergency room. Sometimes, it’s the first symptom of type 1 diabetes you’ll experience.
If you experiencing these signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes, talk to your doctor.

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Three type 1 diabetes signs and symptoms that usually arrive without warning
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