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Three tips to make testing your blood sugar levels less painful

by , 09 May 2018
Three tips to make testing your blood sugar levels less painful
In order to test your blood sugar levels at home, you need to prick your finger to obtain a drop of blood. While some people say it hurts but they've gotten used to it, others say they find it almost painless.

It's up to you to decide whether or not you find testing your blood sugar levels painful. But here are three methods to avoid sore fingers...

Three methods to make testing your blood sugar levels quick and painless

#1: Avoid pricking the tip of your finger
The tip of your finger is much more sensitive than other parts of your finger. Plus, fingertips tend to have more nerve endings, according to Nadine Uplinger, director of the Gutman Diabetes Institute at Albert Einstein Health Network in Philadelphia in the United States. For this reason, you should prick the side of your finger instead.
“We teach people to monitor on the sides of their fingers, not down by the knuckle, but up by the nail bed on the fleshy part and not on the tips,” Nadeine says. “Another thing to do is pinch or put pressure where you’re going to test to seal and that seems to minimise pain.”


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#2: Don’t squeeze blood from your fingertip
It can be tempting to squeeze blood after pricking your fingertip and there still isn’t enough blood to do the test, but refrain from doing this. Instead, hang your hand below your waist for about five seconds and, if necessary, squeeze your fingertip very gently beginning at the base moving outwards.
#3: Use the correct blood glucose monitor
There are some advanced blood glucose monitors on the market that require much less blood than others. If you routinely struggle to obtain enough blood to test your blood sugar levels, you should consider in an advanced model. Some of these newer models even let you obtain blood from places other than your fingers, such as your arm.
There you have it – three ways to make testing your blood sugar levels less painful.

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Three tips to make testing your blood sugar levels less painful
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