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Three tips to cut out soft drinks to avoid diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other conditions

by , 05 November 2015

You already know that sugar-sweetened beverages are bad for your health. But now, new research shows that they can actually be deadly. Scary stuff!

The new study, conducted by Tufts University researchers, outlines that sugar-sweetened beverages like iced teas, fruit drinks, sport or energy drinks and soft drinks cause 184 000 deaths worldwide every year.

According to the study, approximately 133 000 from diabetes, 45 000 from cardiovascular disease and 6 450 from cancers.

The researcher team's number one conclusion: Cut them out! It could help you prevent disability, disease and death…

Three tips for cutting out fizzy drinks for good

#1: Drink water
When you crave a sugary drink, drink a glass of H20 first. Researchers say that people often drink sugary drinks because they’re bored or thirsty. Chances are, downing water will quench your thirst and satisfy your boredom just as well – or even better – than a soft drink!
Even better: Bring water with you on the go so you’re not tempted to go buy a sugary drink every time you get thirsty.
#2: Try seltzer
Big fan of bubbles? Then you’ll find this tip super helpful! Try replacing soft drinks with a better-for-you carbonated beverage: Plain or flavoured seltzer water. It’s sure to do the trick. 

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#3: Steer clear of triggers
Pay attention to when you tend to drink sweetened drinks so you can troubleshoot those times in advance. For example, if you tend to hit up the office vending machine every PM for a can of something cold just because it’s there, bring a refillable water bottle to work. Or, bring a sugar-free drink to work to have at that time instead.
If you notice you crave sugary beverages with certain foods, steer clear of those cuisines for a while. It’ll help you break the habit.

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Three tips to cut out soft drinks to avoid diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other conditions
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