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Three tips for when you're first diagnosed with type II diabetes

by , 17 May 2014

Receiving a diagnosis of any kind can be a shock to patients. And, type II diabetes is no different.
You'll need to accept your lifestyle will change going forward. But, more importantly, you need to appreciate that type II diabetes isn't a death sentence. There's a lot you can do to control your diabetes and live a long, happy life.

Here are three tips to help you cope better with your type II diagnosis…


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Use this easy guide to cope with your new type II diagnosis

Even if you suspect your doctor may have bad news for you, receiving those final words, “you have type II diabetes” almost always catches off-guard and sends you into a panic.

Here are three things you can do to keep calm and process the news in a helpful way…
  1. Take a loved one with you to the doctor’s office: It’s a lot to take in during your short doctor’s visit. First the diagnosis, then the information and then the advice for the management of your diabetes. You’re unlikely to walk away with a clear action plan if you go alone. Instead, take a loved one with you to take notes, ask questions and support you.
  2. Don’t overwhelm yourself with information at first: Let’s face it, your type II diabetes symptoms have been unravelling for years. It’s not something that happens overnight. So, don’t try fix the problem in a day either. There’s much you can do to improve your symptoms and even potentially reverse some. But you won’t achieve this overnight. First, deal with the diagnosis and get your blood sugar under control. This may take some time for a novice diabetic, so get that right before you bury yourself in books or glue yourself to the Internet. With all the information out there about diabetes, it can become very overwhelming. 
  3. Tell people: Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re now a type II diabetic. You’re no different from who you were before you received the type II diagnosis. And your family and friends will know that. It’s also important for your colleagues to know this. They’ll be able to support you better when you have an off-day or if you’re struggling to balance your blood sugar.      
There you have the three steps that’ll help you stay calm and cope better with your type II diagnosis.
Here’s what else could help you…

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You don’t have to feel alone, here’s who you can contact to get diabetes support

It could be beneficial joining other people in the same situation as you. They can help guide you through the labyrinth of advice out there. These are some of the organisations you can become a member of, or follow:
Contact them today to get the diabetes support you need.

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Three tips for when you're first diagnosed with type II diabetes
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