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Three tasty snacks that stabilise your blood sugar levels

by , 24 August 2017
Three tasty snacks that stabilise your blood sugar levels
Whether you have type 2 diabetes or not, high blood sugar levels are bad for your body. For this reason, you have to choose carefully when it comes to the foods that you snack on...

High-fibre, slowly digested healthy snacks are your best bet because they keep hunger and hypoglycaemia at bay while producing a steady release of blood sugar to help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Here are four tasty examples...

Four snacks for better blood sugar levels

#1: Nuts
Nuts are packed with fibre, protein and unsaturated fat, which means they’re nutrient-dense and slowly digested. As a bonus, studies have suggested that nuts help boost insulin sensitivity. While all nuts are great for keeping your blood sugar levels in check, walnuts are particularly useful for people with type 2 diabetes. One study found that eating walnuts appeared to improve endothelial function in people with type 2 diabetes. For if you didn’t know, endothelia – the cells that line your arteries – are one of the first things that suffer when high blood sugar levels start harming your body.


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#2: Whole grain crackers
Whole grain crackers are a fantastic source of fibre, so they promote slow digestion and steadier release of blood sugar. What’s more, these healthy crackers will help you feel full for longer if you simply spread tem with some heart-healthy peanut butter. Top your peanut butter crackers with a dash of cinnamon and you’ve got a real blood sugar-friendly gourmet treat! Studies have proven that cinnamon may help stabilise blood sugar levels.
#3: Sweet potato chips
Sweet potato chips – the baked, not the deep-fried kind, to clear that up – are a super-nutritious choice if you have blood sugar concerns. That’s because sweet potatoes actually help tamp down blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. They also have a lower glycaemic index than other spuds, which softens their effect on your blood sugar levels. Furthermore, research has shown that sweet potatoes’ high carotenoid content can help people with type 2 diabetes fight the blood sugar battle.
What do you snack on to stabilise your blood sugar levels?

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Three tasty snacks that stabilise your blood sugar levels
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