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Three foods you should never include in your diabetic diet

by , 18 October 2017
Three foods you should never include in your diabetic diet
A major part of keeping your diabetes under control is staying true to a diabetic diet. The general rule to follow is to steer clear of foods that are high in sugar, however, some foods and drinks that seem like diabetic-friendly choices may even contain hidden sugar.

But it's not just sugar you need to watch out for - increased carbohydrates and fats can also contribute to blood sugar spikes. If this is too confusing for you, keep reading for three foods you should avoid at all costs if you're on a diabetic diet.

Three of the worst foods for a diabetic diet

#1: Low-quality carbohydrates
Most diabetics keep a tab on eating sugar, but aren’t wary of carbohydrates. Low-quality carbohydrates, such as foods made with white flour like bread and pasta, affect your blood sugar levels in a very similar way to sugar once the digestive process begins. This means they disrupt your body’s glucose levels. Replace low-quality carbohydrates with whole grains, such as quinoa, oatmeal, barley and brown rice, to help keep your carbohydrate consumption in check.


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#2: Fatty meats
Fatty meats are very high in saturated fat, an unhealthy type of fat that contributes to inflammation throughout your body and increases your cholesterol levels, thus putting you at a greater risk of heart disease. Switch from fat cuts to lean proteins like skinless chicken, lean beef, pork tenderloin and fish.
#3: Full-fat dairy products
Like fatty cuts of meat, full-fat dairy products contain a lot of saturated fat, which is bad for your heart health and also increases insulin resistance. As a diabetic, you should avoid these types of dairy products, which include cream, full-fat yoghurt, cream cheese that’s made with whole milk and ice-cream. You don’t have to eliminate dairy products completely. Just make sure you opt for low-fat or fat-free versions the next time you shop.
To keep your blood sugar levels in check, don’t ever include these foods in your diabetic diet!

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Three foods you should never include in your diabetic diet
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