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Three factors that are driving your blood sugar levels through the roof

by , 08 September 2017
Three factors that are driving your blood sugar levels through the roof
Is it a lack of willpower that's steering you into the chocolate aisle and leading you to make food choices that are drive your blood sugar levels through the roof? Or is it something else? Believe it or not, it's the latter.

There are many seemingly unlikely culprits that can trigger a powerful desire for much more sweet stuff than your body is actually craving. Some sugar triggers are more subtle than others and work by altering your physiology without you even realising it, leaving you with a strong need do dig into a party-size bag of M&Ms…

If your appetite for sweet treats has surged, one of the following three food-related factors may be to blame.

Three factors that can lead to high blood sugar levels

#1: You’re addicted to caffeine
Your morning cup of coffee may be doing more than spiking your energy – a recent study published in the Journal of Food Science found that caffeine can switch up your taste buds so that you taste foods as less sweet than they are. When you don’t perceive sweetness as well, you’re likely to consume more in order to satisfy your sweet tooth, according to the researchers.


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#2: You consume artificial sweeteners
Low-sugar desserts and calorie-free drinks come with a catch. Marisa Moore, an Atlanta-based nutritionist, explains: “Because non-nutritive sweeteners, or artificial sweeteners, are many times sweeter than sugar, consuming them trains your taste buds to appreciate hyper-sweet flavours.” She goes on: “This makes it more difficult for fruit and other less-sweet foods to measure up to that expectation.” In other words, after a steady diet of artificial sugar, real sugar is a let-down for your taste buds.
#3: You eat the wrong carbs

The glycaemic index (GI) measures how different foods affects your blood sugar levels. High GI foods such as white bread, pasta, pastries, crackers and cookies cause blood sugar spikes soon after consuming them – and then comes the crash, which amps up your appetite for more sugary sweets like a chocolate bar or doughnut.
Are one of these three factors the reasons you’re always craving sweet stuff and have high blood sugar levels?

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Three factors that are driving your blood sugar levels through the roof
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