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Three compelling reasons to surrender sugar - for good

by , 04 August 2016
Three compelling reasons to surrender sugar - for good
Many years ago, if you wanted to sweeten your tea or coffee, you only had a handful of choices - white sugar, brown sugar or honey.

Today, there are many different sugar substitutes on the market to suit consumers' varying preferences as to which best suits their waistline and taste buds. We're spoilt for choice!

If you haven't hopped on the sugar-free bandwagon yet, it's about time you do! You have no reason not to - read on for three key benefits that you reap when you ditch sugar.

Three reasons to go sugar-free
#1: You’ll improve your dental health
According to MedlinePlus, tooth decay, which is one of the most common dental problems, is a direct result of eating too many sugary and starchy foods. How, you ask? You see, when you eat anything loaded with sugar or starch, the bacteria in your mouth naturally converts these foods into acids. These acids then trigger problems like cavities and even tooth loss, which can impact both your appearance and your wallet. Yikes!

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#2: You’ll drop weight quickly
Let me put it this way to you – in just one cup of sugar, there are a whopping 774 calories. According to statistics by the US Department of Agriculture, even those of us who don’t think we eat much sugar actually do eat a fairly large amount. This is because there’s hidden sugar in so many foods and beverages on the market today – from processed foods to fruit juices. Plus, just as with salt, adding sugar to your drinks and foods quickly becomes a habit. You may stir it into your morning tea or use it to bake your favourite recipes. Eating too much sugar can be seriously detrimental to your weight loss efforts, but if you swap it out for artificial sweetener, you can cut down on calories instead – without giving up any of your favourite drinks and eats!
#3: You’ll boost your heart health
If you’re concerned about your heart health, there’s a good chance you’ve already read that consuming too much sugar can up your risk of heart disease. University of California, Davis, researchers also caution that the current dietary guidelines for daily sugar intake limitations in America may be set way too high. At the moment, the US Department of Agriculture recommends that women limit their sugar intake to 20 g a day. The scary thing? Most of us consume about five times that much!
Some of the best natural sweeteners include stevia, xylitol, molasses and of course raw honey, all of which are locally available.

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Three compelling reasons to surrender sugar - for good
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