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Thought sugar was a diabetic's worst enemy? Salt is too!

by , 18 September 2014

As a diabetic, you know you need to avoid sugary foods at all costs because of the devastating effect on your health.

But you allow yourself to freely eat other foods, right? Including salt…

If you do, you'd better take note. Now!

Your risk of dying from a heart attack doubles if you enjoy a high salt diet and are diabetic!

Here's why…

Eating too much salt puts even more strain on your heart

Because of your diabetes, your heart is already struggling to cope. Add salt to the mix and you’re looking for trouble.
A Japanese study of 1,600 diabetics looked into how salt intake affected their heart attack risk. Participants filled in questionnaires about how much salt they ate every day. Researchers then divided them into a high, medium and low salt intake group.
The results showed those who have a higher intake of salt have a 50% higher risk of having a heart attack than their counterparts with a lower salt diet.
Out of the almost 400 participants who ate more than 2.4 teaspoons of salt a day, 44 of suffered a heart attack within the eight-year study. In the group who only ate one teaspoon a day, also around 400 participants, the number of people who had heart attacks was just only 23.
The scary thing about this study is that even those in the low salt group were still eating far too much salt for their condition.
People with higher risk of disease - including heart disease and diabetes - should only eat 1,500mg salt, or about ¾ a teaspoon full every day. But many of these sickly patients are eating well over that amount.
So it’s no wonder their heart attack risk is astoundingly high.
Here’s the connection between salt, diabetes and heart attack risk…
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Salt causes your blood pressure to increase, putting your heart in danger

While the Japanese study didn’t define a direct link between salt, diabetes and heart attacks, there’s a definite association.
And because this is one of the first studies of its kind, experts are still speculating as to the connection.
The American Heart Association says it’s possible that your risk of heart attack shoots up because of how salt affects your blood pressure.
Water in your body follows salt. Having too much flowing through your veins means water pulls in after it. So this increases your blood volume and your blood pressure.
And since you’re diabetic, your risk is so much higher!
You only have one choice to protect your already ailing health…

Lower your salt intake to lower your risk of dying from a heart attack

Just like sugar, be careful of salty foods.
Put away your saltshaker and stop adding extra salt to your meals when cooking. It’s also essential you now look at the salt content on every food label as well as sugar so you can estimate the amount of salt you eat every day.
It’s the only way to cut back on your salt intake to protect your heart health.

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Thought sugar was a diabetic's worst enemy? Salt is too!
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