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This type II diabetes busting diets means you won't have to skimp on food or flavour

by , 02 April 2014

So your doctor's told you to go on a diet to control your type II diabetes. If all that's going through your mind right now is tiny portions of food that taste like cardboard, we have a revolutionary solution for you. On THIS diet you don't have to cut calories, eat less than a child or eat foods that are as bland as cardboard. Read on to discover the details of the number one diabetes-busting lifestyle diet…

The Mediterranean diet isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Calling the Mediterranean diet a lifestyle isn’t a clever marketing tool… It is the real lifestyle of those who live around the Mediterranean sea. Their diet consists of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fish, nuts and natural oils.
So why now has it become so popular with the western parts of the world?
Well, research shows that eating foods widely available in the Mediterranean are perfect for combatting certain ailments like joint pain and diabetes, says WebMD. And because it’s not a diet in the Med, there’s no skimping on food or flavours!
Here’s how you can change to this “diet”…

Daily insulin injections are a distant memory for Catherine Downs now...

In fact, the 56-year old diabetic has almost forgotten she ever had full-blown type II diabetes.

No more syringes. She's even lowered her hypoglycaemic prescription to only 2mg per day. And get this… She's eating like a normal person again, sugary sweets and all.

How did she do it? She found out about an unknown sugar-buster hiding in a most unlikely place... Find out what it is here...
Beat your type II diabetes by following the Mediterranean diet
There are only a few “rules” when it comes to this diet.
Eat fresh food, and lots of it. Don’t even bother with processed foods, and don’t be tempted by sugary treats.
Fill up on fruit, vegetables, lean meats like chicken and fish, eat nuts as snack and eat whole grain bread and drink wine in moderation.
Swap butter and processed oils for olive oil and eat fruit and yoghurt as a sweet treat.
There’s no reason to resort to small portions of flavourless foods because of your type II diabetes! Give the Mediterranean diet a try…

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This type II diabetes busting diets means you won't have to skimp on food or flavour
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