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This “proven” diabetes medication robs your body of this critical hormone…

by , 28 April 2015

You know that drugs aren't the best way to treat type 2 diabetes.
Despite this, you're probably still taking the traditional medications you've being prescribed like Metformin and Glucophage.
But did you know that a third of everyone who takes these medications experiences some unpleasant side effects. Things like diarrhoea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

Now new research shows there's a much darker — and dangerous — side to these “safe,” popular drugs.

Read on to discover more below…


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Diabetes drugs are annihilating a hormone that controls everything from energy to body temperature
Researchers in Canada looked at health data from 74,300 patients over a 25-year period. The subjects had received one of the diabetes drugs on the market to treat type 2 diabetes.
They found people taking this medication decreased their levels of this essential hormone by up to 55%… Especially if they already had problems with it in the past.
And it’s probably the last thing you think of when you aren’t feeling like yourself.
At first, the symptoms are easy to miss. Things like feelings of fatigue, joint pain and even depression. In time, it can damage the rest of your body. It may even rob you of your sense of smell and taste.

Sure, your doctor will try to help. But their drugs could be what got you in this mess in the first place.
By trying to fix type 2 diabetes with one of prescription “solutions,” you could be creating an even more serious one…

We’re talking about thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)

Not having enough of it is what leads to hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid.
But forget hypothyroidism… Low TSH puts you at risk for bone fractures, osteoporosis and heart problems too.
Researchers saw the most dramatic increase for low TSH levels in people who had already dealt with hypothyroidism. This means people with weak or recovering glands were in the most danger. And they probably thought their problems with their thyroid were fixed… It could be months before symptoms lead them back to their doctor. And that could start the cycle all over again.

This doesn’t mean type 2 diabetes drugs are the only drug to look out for…

Research shows that Glucocorticoids, Dopamine Agonists, and other medications can have a similar effect. There’s more than one way to damage your thyroid without realising it. Your best bet is to do everything you can to support natural thyroid function.
One way to protect it is to avoid fluoride. Even something as simple as limiting environmental toxins in your home can help.
Adding seaweed to your diet — or taking a natural supplement like Spirulina which has the iodine and all the Vitamin B’s your thyroid needs. Other ways to give your thyroid the support it needs to function at its best you can add an Omega 3, Vitamin D and Hemp Oil to your daily diet.
After all, as a Health Bytes reader you know antioxidants are the better medicine for type 2 diabetes. 

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This “proven” diabetes medication robs your body of this critical hormone…
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