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This herb could restore your insulin levels to normal in as little as 4 weeks...

by , 07 October 2019
This herb could restore your insulin levels to normal in as little as 4 weeks...
Every time you eat, your blood sugar increases. Then, your body produces insulin to get your blood sugar levels back to normal again. The insulin converts the sugar in your blood into a format your cells can turn into energy.

That's when everything runs smoothly...

The problem is over time, if you consume refined carbohydrates, and your stress levels are high, your body produces more insulin to try to cope with the constant spikes in blood sugar.

The more insulin your body produces, the more your cells become resistant to the insulin. They eventually block it out completely. And that's how you eventually develop type 2 diabetes.

And, diabetes can lead to heart problems, stroke, dementia and even cancer - so it's important to try restore insulin sensitivity in cells - and when you do, you could even reverse diabetes!

A new study shows how an ancient herb could help you do just that.

The study showed reversal of insulin resistance in rats 

As always, researchers use animals, such as mice and rats, to test medical theories and if proven safe, they move on to human tests.

Well, this new study on rats holds great promise for an ancient herb that could put an end to insulin resistance. 

After feeding the rats this herb for four weeks, their insulin levels were restored to non-diabetic levels! 

The herb they used was Ginkgo biloba. It's been studied extensively for its benefits in reducing memory loss, heart problems and macular degeneration. And now it could also reverse diabetes

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How do you know if you are insulin resistant?

Insulin resistance develops over time, and is generally silent until you develop full blown diabetes. But that doesn't mean you have to wait until then to do something about pre-diabetes. Here are some signs to look out for:

* A spare tyre / muffin-top (layer of fat around your waist)
* High blood pressure (get this tested)
* High blood sugar (get this tested)
* Dark skin patches on the back of your neck, on your knucles, knees, armpits or elbows)

If you have to urinate more frequently, are always thirsty and feel tired all the time, you must go and get tested for diabetes.

In the meantime, take Ginkgo biloba or a reliable blood sugar formula to restore your insulin levels and manage your blood sugar.
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This herb could restore your insulin levels to normal in as little as 4 weeks...
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