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THIS “healthy” drink is just as bad for your type II diabetes as fizzy drinks

by , 15 April 2014

Do you think sugary fizzy drinks are the only item on the blacklist when it comes to type II diabetes diet? They're not! THIS drink is just as bad… But there's something even scarier about it: It's supposedly healthy! Keep reading to take control of your blood sugar by cutting this drink out of your diet!

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It’s not just the food you eat that causes your blood sugar to constantly rise and fall. It’s also what you drink that affects it!
But it’s not just those sugary drinks like fizzy soda that you need to cut from your diet. There’s a “healthy” option that’s just as bad, says MedicalNewToday.com.
So, what it?
Fruit juice wrecks havoc on your blood sugar!
Fruit juice is healthy because it comes straight from fruit. Right? Wrong!
This because your standard fruit juice is laden with fruit sugar! And it’s at a much higher concentration than a typical piece of fruit because it’s the juice from multiple fruit. And because there’s little to no fibre in the juice, all you’re getting is pure sugar.
This result from a study is a real eye-opener: Just one cup of apple juice has as much sugar, and more calories than the same amount of traditional fizzy drinks! It has 26g of sugar and 110 calories compared with 26.5g of sugar and 105 calories in fizzy drinks. Scary isn’t it…
So what do you do?

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There is a way to still enjoy juice but keep your blood sugar under control!

Make your own juice!
If you need your daily fix of juice, make your own at home. And instead of adding loads of sweet fruits, add carrots or celery to bulk the juice up. They both taste great and add minimal calories too.
Use this tip to prevent “healthy” fruit juice from wrecking havoc on your blood sugar. 

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THIS “healthy” drink is just as bad for your type II diabetes as fizzy drinks
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