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These smoothie ingredients won't spike your blood sugar levels

by , 29 January 2018
These smoothie ingredients won't spike your blood sugar levels
While smoothies are a quick and easy healthy snack or meal, if you concoct the wrong blend, your drink can spike your blood sugar levels, leaving you feeling queasy rather than energised.

So which ingredients are recommended for keeping your blood sugar levels even-keeled and feelings of hunger and nausea at bay? Here are three that nutritionists recommend.

Three smoothie staples for healthy blood sugar levels

#1: Berries
Not only are berries packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, but they also lend loads of nutrition and a pretty hue to smoothies. All kinds of berries – think blueberries, raspberries and strawberries – are fabulous smoothie ingredients because they’re packed with vitamin C and fibre. What’s more, berries are low on the glycaemic index, which means they won’t drive your blood sugar levels through the roof. For best results, pair berries with some protein and healthy fat in a smoothie.


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#2: Nuts and nut butters
Nuts and nut butters are excellent sources of fibre, protein and unsaturated fat. This combination of nutrients is fantastic for your blood sugar levels as it slows down digestion and causes sugar to be released more slowly into your bloodstream. In other words, it prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar levels and keeps your energy levels stable. Feel free to experiment with different nuts and nut butters to see which ones you enjoy most.
#3: Seeds
Seeds such as hemp, chia and flax seeds are all chockfull of energy-boosting omega-3 fatty acids as well as anti-inflammatory, unsaturated fats. Just one or two tablespoons of one of these seeds delivers a healthy dose of fibre, protein and fat to your smoothie, which helps you digest the drink more slowly and can help prevent elevated blood sugar. Sunflower and pumpkins seeds are also great smoothie additions, as is tahini.
There you have it – three smoothie ingredients that won’t spike your blood sugar levels.

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These smoothie ingredients won't spike your blood sugar levels
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