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These alcoholic drinks can help you prevent diabetes...

by , 24 November 2020
These alcoholic drinks can help you prevent diabetes...
If you enjoy a drink at the end of the day to help you unwind, you'll be pleased to know that two kinds of alcoholic drinks have been found to help prevent diabetes!

Keep reading to find out which drinks...

Do you need to consider changing your sundowner?

In a recent study out of Denmark, involving over 70,000 participants, the researchers followed their drinking habits and tracked their biological markers for diabetes.

And what they found was really interesting...

People who drank wine got the most protection against diabetes.

Men who drank beer also benefitted - but not women.

And neither men or women benefitted from hard liquor.

Keep reading to find out how much they drank to get these benefits...

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How much is as important as what you drink...

The men and women who drank seven or more glasses a week of wine were able to reduce their risk of diabetes significantly. 

The men who drank one to six beers a week, reduced their risk of diabetes by 21%.

Overall, the researchers concluded that drinking 14 drinks a week for men, and nine for women, were the optimum levels of intake. 

Men who did this, had a 43% lower risk of diabetes, and women a 58% lower risk, than the people who didn't drink alcohol.

The researchers also noted that spreading their drinks out during the week was more beneficial than binge drinking.

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These alcoholic drinks can help you prevent diabetes...
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