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The truth about smoking and drinking alcohol when you have type II diabetes

by , 08 May 2014

Both smoking and drinking alcohol excessively are bad for you health. But it gets worse when you suffer from type II diabetes. Unfortunately, if you do like to smoke and drink you'll have to give up one and cut down on the other. Here's what you need to know about how they affect your disease and how important it is to heed this advice…

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Smoking is one of the risk factors of developing type II diabetes 

Studies show that the reason smoking is a risk factor of type II diabetes because it affects long-term sugar control in your body. It actually affects insulin and stops it from moving sugar around in your system like it should.
In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says it’s essential to stop smoking if you have type II diabetes.
This because it not only affects your blood sugar, it puts you at a high risk of other serious and fatal diseases! Your risk of heart attack, stroke and going blind skyrocket when you smoke while trying to manage your diabetes.
WebMD says you don’t have to quit “cold-turkey” as you might not succeed. Rather give yourself a set date on which you’re going to stop and cut down on the number of cigarettes gradually until then.
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But what about alcohol?

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Drink alcohol in moderation when you have type II diabetes 

There’s a lot of sugar in alcohol, but WebMD says you don’t have to eliminate drinking from your diet all together.
It’s important to not only drink in moderation but to only drink when you have a meal. This will help regulate your blood sugar despite the alcohol.
Bottom line: Smoking is more dangerous for your disease than drinking is. But be sure to know that drinking can be just as dangerous to your health should you drink too much too often!

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The truth about smoking and drinking alcohol when you have type II diabetes
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