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The trick to getting your kids to eat healthy foods is NOT telling them how good they are!

by , 12 May 2014

It's a daily struggle to get your children to eat healthy foods and protect them against developing type II diabetes. This because they'd rather eat sweets, chips and chocolate instead of broccoli, carrots and spinach. And who can blame them? But it's essential for them to grow up big and strong and diabetes free.

But telling them how good these foods are for their health might just be the one thing that's putting them off eating them the most! This according to new research conducted on young children and their reaction to food. Take a look…

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What your child eats is essential to protecting them against type II diabetes 

A study done by researchers at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business revealed some interesting findings about how children react to food.
They were interested in how children chose food and how a description of the food affected their choice.
Researchers went to a preschool and read food related stories to the 270 children. One story explained how “Katie” ate food because her mom told her to eat it. In another she ate the food because her mom said it’s yummy. And in the last, she ate the food because it was put in front of her without any explanation as to what it was.
Katie ate the most healthy foods in the last story, where she wasn’t offered any explanation about the food.
Is this the trick to getting your child to “trust” healthy food and make the right choices for their health?

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Protect your children from type II diabetes in the way you talk to them about food 

Use this breakthrough study to get your children to make healthy food choices from a very young age. Instead of making up rhymes, songs and stories about how healthy they’ll be, simply put the food in front of them without explanation if you want them to eat.
It’s incredible how clever their little minds are at such a young age. Use this to your advantage to protect them against type II diabetes

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The trick to getting your kids to eat healthy foods is NOT telling them how good they are!
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