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The herb Berberine could blast blood sugar spikes

by , 17 October 2013

If you're diabetic, I'll bet you've been prescribed insulin.

According to growing research, it could be time to stop looking for blood sugar support at the end of a needle and start looking for it at the end of a stem instead.

Dr Wright has been singing the praises of berberine for many years. If you want to keep control of your blood sugar and avoid organ-damaging blood sugar spikes, berberine could be your answer.

Berberine treats type II diabetes

Berberine, a component of several traditional Chinese herbs, has been a type II diabetes treatment for centuries.

Research has found this powerful natural medicine may be able to improve your fasting blood sugar and insulin levels while it supports your metabolism and reduces after-meal sugar spikes. 

Studies published in medical journals in 2008 found berberine is just as effective as metformin for regulating blood sugar in type II diabetes. Also, it may lower your cholesterol and triglycerides! In one study, berberine slashed volunteers’ insulin resistance by an unbelievable 45%!

Don’t end up getting “stuck” with the conventional painful diabetes treatment regimen. Talk to your doctor about trying berberine.

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The herb Berberine could blast blood sugar spikes
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