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The diet that can help diabetics

by , 18 March 2013

Diabetics get so much conflicting advice. The worst of this advice is to diet. Limit your carbs. Limit your fat. Limit fat and carbs... the list goes on... The problem is diets are hard to follow in the short terms but almost impossible to follow longterm. But there is one common-sense lifestyle that's easy to follow and proven to work for both diabetics and non-diabetics.

It's the Mediterranean diet. New data from 20 studies comparing seven diets for type II diabetes showed it was the best by just about every possible measure.
Let's start with weight loss...
Over at least six months, the Mediterranean diet was the only one that allowed participants to keep the weight off.
Blood sugar control...
While all of the diets helped to control blood sugar, only three of them improved cholesterol levels. These were the low-carb, low-glycaemic and the Mediterranean diets.
Levels of HDL cholesterol were boosted by up to 10% and triglycerides were slashed by up to 9%.
Easy to follow...
Most people run out of options when dieting. They get bored, and that boredom leads to failure. The Mediterranean diet has a rich variety of options, including the foods you love such as lean meats, fresh fish, nuts, healthy whole grains, olive oil and so much more.
So why not take the easy and delicious road to managing your diabetes... Find out more here...

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The diet that can help diabetics
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