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The best food choice for breakfast when you're watching your blood sugar...

by , 03 July 2019
The best food choice for breakfast when you're watching your blood sugar...
You've heard it all by now - what to eat, mostly what not to eat - and it's driving you crazy. All you want is to get on with your day without all the fuss and the stress.

Well, a recent study found that if you make a particular breakfast choice, you'll not only avoid a sugar spike straight after your first meal of the day, you'll also set yourself up for success for the rest of the day too... And surprisingly, it's not oats!

Find out what it is below...

Oats is surprisingly not the best breakfast choice for your blood sugar

For a while now, oats has enjoyed the limelight as the breakfast star for those watching their blood sugar - and everyone else too.
And while it's not a terrible choice, it's not the best choice by far, according to a recent study.  
The researchers fed half of the study participants oats with berries, and the other half got scrambled eggs for breakfast. 
The group that ate the oats and fruit experienced a huge blood sugar spike after breakfast and worse still, they craved sugary snacks during the day. While the group that ate the eggs experienced the opposite.
Eggs are packed with protein and fat so they keep you full for longer, and they're low GI. 

But there is something else you should know...

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Don't hate eggs - they've been wrongly "demonised"...
Besides the blood sugar benefits eggs provide, they're also good for your eyesight because they contain lutein and zeaxanthin. These rare antioxidants are hard to come by in other foods.   

They also contain selenium and chromium which help fend off dementia

With these cumulative benefits, eggs are really the best choice for breakfast, despite the bad wrap they've been given over the years. You can read here why eggs were "demonised" all these years and how you've been misled into believing they're bad for you. 

And, there is one other thing you should know about how to cook your eggs...

It's how you eat your eggs that matters...

Another recent study found that if you eat up to two eggs per day, they're actually good for you and don't increase cholesterol... But only if you DON'T scramble them. 

When you scramble your eggs, the yolk is broken and exposed to oxygen, and it's this oxidation that causes cholesterol. So keep your eggs in tact while cooking and enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast - without the sugar spike!

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The best food choice for breakfast when you're watching your blood sugar...
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