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That burrito won't just give you indigestion, it'll wreck havoc on your type II diabetes

by , 14 April 2014

A thin tortilla with spicy beans and mince might not sound that unhealthy, but it is! And it's not necessarily because of the individual ingredients that go into a burrito. It's because of the salt content! Read on to discover why a Mexican Fiesta can wreck havoc on your type II diabetes and what's better for you without losing out on flavour.

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Don’t allow one meal to spell disaster for your sugar diabetes
That burrito you’ve just snacked on eating a decent size of salsa and corn chips. And while you may think both the salsa and corn chips are natural ingredients, they’re actually full of carbs and salt! WebMD says just one portion of chips and salsa can have you consuming over 600 calories!
And that’s before the burrito has even arrived at your table.
There’s even more calories tucked neatly into the flour tortilla. Things like fatty mince, sour cream, cheese and beans can add over 900 calories to your meal. Never mind the exorbitant salt content.
All of this, no matter how delicious the meal is, is no good for you when you’re suffering from type II diabetes.
But don’t turn to a diet of rice cakes and plain yoghurt just yet. There’s a healthy alternative…

Imagine if you could throw away your needles, get off of insulin and never worry about blindness, amputation, or worse.

The Health Sciences Institute announces the "Medical Breakthrough of the Century"--From insulin dependent to NON DIABETIC in 6 weeks!?

So ask yourself... What's the first thing you'll eat when you're DIABETES-FREE?

Make your own sugar diabetes safe burrito at home
A homemade version of a Mexican burrito has only a quarter of the calories of the one described above. Use a low sodium, low fat tortilla and buy extra lean ground beef.
Add kidney bean and grated carrots to the mince to bulk it up, and remember, go easy on the salt!
Quickly whip up some fresh guacamole to add to your burrito. And add a low fat cheese to your meal too.
And voile! You have your own home-made tasty burrito that won’t wreck havoc on your type II diabetes. 

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That burrito won't just give you indigestion, it'll wreck havoc on your type II diabetes
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