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Switch to this grain to manage your blood sugar better...

by , 05 October 2020
Switch to this grain to manage your blood sugar better...
If you're pre-diabetic or diabetc, you'll know how important managing your blood sugar is for your health.

And, you'll also know that certain foods send your blood sugar levels soaring while others can help you keep them in the green band.

And this African grain is one of these - find out below what it is and what the studies say...

This versatile grain can help you regulate your blood sugar...

It's called sorghum and it's an ancient grain, loved for its resilience to drought. 

Not only an excellent gluten-free alternative to wheat, sorghum is also rich in fibre, protein and antioxidants. 

But studies have shown that sorghum is also a very valuable nutrient for those needing to regulate their blood sugar.

In one study, it lowered blood sugar after meals. It does ths by limiting the amount of starch your body absorbs from a meal - so your body doesn't have to deal with all that excess glucose in the blood. 

And, you know how important it is to regulate the negative effects of high blood sugar... 

But it's also been shown to manage how much insulin is produced by the liver and it makes cells more sensitive to insulin. 

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Where to find sorghum
You can buy sorghum as a grain in the grocery store - it's normally near the rice and cous-cous. 

You can eat it for breakfast, or as a grain - the way you would eat cous-cous. 

You can also buy sorghum flour - but remember, in general, whole foods offer the full range of benefits - none of the goodness is stripped away during processing. 

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Switch to this grain to manage your blood sugar better...
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