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Sugar-free diets may cause diabetes, not prevent it!

by , 03 February 2014

It may come as a shock to you, but staying away from real sugar can actually cause diabetes and not prevent it. Especially when you're replacing it with sweeteners like aspartame! In order to really get your health in check when it comes to the amount of sugar you consume, the idea is balance. So what's the trick to preventing diabetes?

In an effort to be healthy, you’re drinking sugar-free cold drinks and sweetener in your tea and coffee. 
But a new study shows that aspartame can have an even worse effect on your blood sugar than normal sugar has!
Sweetener can cause a spike in your blood sugar, worse than what sugar does. And there’s an even higher risk of getting diabetes because of it. Think about how often people will use sugar-free products over normal sugar thinking it’s healthier!
Sugar-free diets not as healthy as they seem
The sweetener aspartame is basically amino acids. And while amino acids are good for you, they’re not in this concentration of this form!
They attack your brain when there’s a large amount in your system, and it can result in food addiction. Along comes obesity and then diabetes
So as you can see, sweeteners aren’t as healthy as they may seem!
Evidence suggests a sugar-free diet could cause diabetes
The research also found that your fasting blood sugar levels increases when you’re using sweeteners over sugar. And this causes insulin sensitivity of your cells. 
Yes, you’re right! The typical way that diabetes develops.
So instead of using sweeteners as a way to cheat your sweet tooth, regulate your overall intake of sweet foods… Whether they contain sugar or sweeteners!
Eat lots of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables to get the nutrition your body needs and prevent diabetes all together. 

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Sugar-free diets may cause diabetes, not prevent it!
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