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Suffering from type II diabetes? You're at risk of going blind

by , 06 May 2014

No matter how well you try to control your type II diabetes, your risk of losing your sight is extremely high. This because the disease causes your blood sugar to increase and this sugar then affects your very sensitive retinas. But there's one way to prevent diabetes from robbing you of your sight…

Start a new life without diabetes 

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Look out for these signs and symptoms that may indicate type II diabetes related eye problems

If you experience blurry vision or you see dark coloured spots in front of your eyes, it’s essential to see your doctor, says WebMD.
This means that your high blood sugar has damaged your eyes and you need treatment right away to prevent further damage.
One of the most common problems type II diabetics face is Diabetic Retinopathy. This is when sugar builds up and the tiny vessels in your eye are affected. They leak fluid and it can cause partial loss of sight or even complete blindness.
Another is glaucoma. As a diabetic, you’re at 40% more risk of developing this debilitating condition. The pressure inside the eye increases leading to permanent nerve damage within the eye and you lose your vision.
There’s only one way to prevent this from happening and keeping your eyes healthy…

Imagine if you could throw away your needles, get off of insulin and never worry about blindness, amputation, or worse.
The Health Sciences Institute announces the "Medical Breakthrough of the Century"--From insulin dependent to NON DIABETIC in 6 weeks!?
So ask yourself... What's the first thing you'll eat when you're DIABETES-FREE?

If you have type II diabetes have an eye exam every year 

You have to have your eyes checked every year! You should never wait until you experience symptoms until you see your optometrist as this may be too late.
The earlier you find any abnormalities with your eyes, the better the chance at preventing it from getting worse. This means you can hang onto the vision you still have instead of losing it completely.
So book that eye appointment today and save the health of your eyes.

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Suffering from type II diabetes? You're at risk of going blind
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