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Suffering from sugar diabetes? Here are two food types you should avoid

by , 03 April 2014

When you have type II diabetes, your diet is very important. This because most foods contain sugar and carbs, both of which have the potential to send your blood sugar levels soaring. And you know how detrimental this can be to your health! Here are the foods you need to avoid to keep your health in check despite living with sugar diabetes…

Heart failure is a scary complication of sugar diabetes

Your heart is the organ at greatest risk of not controlling your sugar diabetes. The sugar that constantly floats around in your blood with nowhere else to go, causes your arteries to harden. When this happens, they lose their stretch and there’s a bigger stress put on your heart. Your heart has to work harder and, after a while, it can’t handle it anymore.
And all because of the sugar you get from your diet! But it’s not only obvious sugary foods you need to avoid. It’s carbohydrates too.
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Sugar and carbs can cause your health to decline when you’re living with sugar diabetes
Eating refined sugar and simple carbohydrates cause your blood sugar to spike. This means that there’s a lot of sugar available in your blood in a short space of time and, because you’re insulin resistant, your body can’t handle it.
Carbohydrates are especially tricky because it’s not obvious sugar you’re eating. But carbs that break down quickly like those in cakes, cookies, pastries and white bread cause the sugar in your blood to skyrocket.
So what do you do?
Well, you need to stay away from eating any foods containing refined sugar. Only eat natural sugar in the form of fruit and vegetables! And eat complex carbs only, says the Harvard School of Public Health. These types need time to break down into sugar, so your body can process the small amounts of sugar at a time while still keeping your blood sugar stable. Choose whole-grains, carbs containing lots of fibre and fruit and vegetables to get your daily requirements of carbs.
Eating the right foods when you suffer from sugar diabetes is extremely important. Stick to natural forms of sugar and complex carbs to maintain your health and keep your blood sugar levels stable. 

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Suffering from sugar diabetes? Here are two food types you should avoid
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