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Suffer from neuropathy? Do this for pain relief...

by , 19 July 2021
Suffer from neuropathy? Do this for pain relief...
Neuropathy is a condition associated with numbness, tingling and pain in nerve endings - generally the hands and feet.

The pain can eventually become excruciating - and debilitating.

It's common when you have, or have had, uncontrolled blood sugar levels, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.

But whatever its cause, there's one thing you can do minimise your pain.

Cut this food out of your diet to reduce neuropathy pain...

In a study out of the University of Sheffield, researchers found that the participants, who all suffered from neuropathy and were over the age of 70, who cut gluten from their diets completely experienced less nerve pain

The stats were significant - they were 89% less likely to be in pain with the elimination of that one ingredient from their diets.

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The exact link between gluten and nerve pain is not 100% percent clear... But whether it's a sensitivity or an effect on blood sugar - the solution seems clear enough...

If you experience nerve pain, try eliminating gluten from your diet to see if the pain subsides.

Give it time - cut it from your diet for at least two weeks to see if it makes a difference.

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Be sure to read ingredient labels carefully as well - not all gluten-free products are healthy - some contain additives and preservatives that may cause joint pain, allergies or other health issues.

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Suffer from neuropathy? Do this for pain relief...
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