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Study reveals: Childhood antibiotics can lead to type II diabetes later in life…

by , 17 August 2014

Researchers in New York recently discovered that antibiotics can reprogramme your metabolism, making you prone to weight gain and type II diabetes. Here's what you should know…

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Antibiotics mess with the balance in your gut bacteria and this is what leads to diabetes and obesity  

The five-year study showed mice that received antibiotics early in their lives had less beneficial gut bacteria which made them more prone to weight gain.

In fact the antibiotics abolished four types of good bacteria; Lactobacillus, Allobaculum, Candidatus Arthromitus and a member of the Rikenellaceae family.

In the study, the researchers started feeding one group of mice antibiotics while they were still in the womb, in the last week of gestation. Another group started receiving antibiotics during weaning. And the third group didn’t receive antibiotics.

Both groups that received the antibiotics experienced increased fat mass. But the group that started receiving antibiotics during gestation, had the highest increase in fat.

In another experiment, those that were on antibiotics and a high-fat diet put on significantly more weight than mice on a high-fat diet but not on antibiotics.

These mice also had high levels of fasting insulin.

What this study shows is the earlier you’re exposed to antibiotics the higher risk for metabolic disorder later in life.
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This study is important because it gives us a key for controlling diabetes later in life…

It may not ALWAYS be possible to avoid antibiotics if your baby is really sick. But it’s important to ensure she receives a good probiotic to restore the flora in her gut.

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Study reveals: Childhood antibiotics can lead to type II diabetes later in life…
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