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Struggling with your type II diabetes diet? Try these three foods…

by , 25 April 2014

There's nothing worse than not knowing what you can and can't eat. Spending hours at the shop trying to figure out how much sugar and carbs are in each food item you need to buy… Sadly, that's your life if you have type II diabetes. But we're here to make it easier for you! Here are three foods you can pop in your trolley with the certainty of knowing that they won't wreck havoc on your blood sugar (and they're yummy too!)

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Try these three type II diabetes-friendly foods
1.     Dates: Most people don’t even know what dates taste like because they don’t look very appealing. But when you do, you’ll be sad you didn’t try them sooner! Sweet and delicious, dates have a grainy texture that means they’re full of healthy fibre.
Instead of chocolate or sugary treats, snack on dates. Add them to bread and muffin mixes for a sweeter taste!
2.     Dairy: Prevention.com explains how important calcium and vitamin D are for you if you have type II diabetes because they keep your blood sugar stable. And there’s no better way to get both of them in one tasty food! That’s where dairy comes in…

Drink low-fat milk instead of diet fizzy drinks and other sugary fruit juices to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Snack on low-fat yoghurt, cheese and other dairy to keep your cravings under control. 

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3.     Beans: Another excellent source of calcium! So not only are they full of fibre, their calcium content also helps keep your blood sugar stable.
You can add beans to almost any dish! Eat them chilled in salads, on their own as a side dish or add them to mince to make a con carne.
Eat these three foods on every occasion to help you manage your blood sugar when living with type II diabetes. 

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Struggling with your type II diabetes diet? Try these three foods…
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