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Struggling to control your type II diabetes? Here's what NOT to do when your blood sugar is low!

by , 14 May 2014

When your blood sugar is high, you take more meds. When it's low, you drink a glass of fruit juice or eat 15g of quick-digesting carbs to recover. Sounds easy enough, but boy is it hard to get it 100% right when you're controlling your diabetes!

With type II diabetes, your blood sugar can swing from pillar to post. But don't despair, There's help at hand with the plethora of information on diabetes you'll find on www.FSPHealth.co.za.

For starters, here's what you shouldn't do when your blood sugar is low…


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For proper management of your diabetes, take these three steps

If your blood sugar is lower than it should be, or you’re recovering from a dip in your blood sugar, stay away from these activities:  
  1. Don’t go shopping: If you go walk into a shop when your blood sugar is low, you’ll need a tremendous amount of willpower to avoid bad food choices, like chips and sweets. Do yourself a favour and put off the shopping for later when your blood sugar has normalised to avoid complications of diabetes.
  2. Don’t drive: You can have a serious accident if your blood sugar is low. If you don’t normally pick up the signs of low blood sugar before they hit you hard, always test your blood sugar before driving. Also, keep some lunch-box sized fruit juice packs in your car for the times you start to feel a little queasy.
  3. Don’t write an exam: You won’t do very well in your test if your blood sugar is low. Drink a glass of fruit juice about 20 minutes before the exam and if you feel your blood sugar drop during the exam, ask the moderator if you can drink juice during the exam, or ask for extra time to be able to raise your blood sugar before continuing with the exam.
If you feel overwhelmed about not being able to control your blood sugar all the time, heed this advice…

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You’ll do better if you listen to your body and pick up on the subtle symptoms of sugar diabetes 

Often, diabetics are busy, determined people who do well in other things. And, this could very well be why you’re struggling to control your diabetes. Stop rushing around for a moment, take a deep breath and really listen to your body. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll do!

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Struggling to control your type II diabetes? Here's what NOT to do when your blood sugar is low!
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