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Stress really DOES affect your overall health. And it can leave you with type II diabetes too!

by , 25 April 2014

If you're under constant stress, watch out! Your risk of type II diabetes just shot up… The only way to beat this devastating fate is to learn to manage your stress. Discover how to do just that, starting today!

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Type II diabetes loves the stress hormone cortisol!

Here’s another type II diabetes risk factor to add to your long, long list! No longer is it just sugar you need to watch out for when trying to prevent diabetes, now it’s stress too…
The constant production of the stress hormone cortisol means you have double the risk of diabetes! For one, it makes your cells less responsive to insulin, so your blood sugar remains high and you become increasingly insulin resistant. And two, cortisol increases your belly fat. Another significant risk factor for type II diabetes, says bottomlinepublications.com.
In fact, research shows that constant stress leaves you with a 56% higher risk of developing diabetes!
So what do you do?

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Combat stress to fight off type II diabetes

Research found that only those who are under constant stress are at high risk of diabetes. So if you’re able to keep your stress levels to a minimum, you significantly lower your risk!
Use these stress-busting tips to regain control of your health:
·         Do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day
·         Manage your time at work
·         Use breathing techniques or meditation to get through stressful situations
·         Learn to say no
·         Find a hobby
It’s essential for your overall health to learn how to manage your stress. Developing type II diabetes will just mean more stress in your life. For this reason, make sure you can control everyday stresses so you don’t end up with diabetes. 

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Stress really DOES affect your overall health. And it can leave you with type II diabetes too!
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