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Stop stressing, it messes with your blood sugar!

by , 04 April 2014

No matter how diligent you are at sticking to diabetic diet foods, if you stress, it undoes all the good you've done. That's right! The stress hormone cortisol wrecks havoc on your type II diabetes! So use these three tips to stop stress from ruining your health…

The stress hormone cortisol causes blood sugar spikes

While cortisol is the culprit behind so many health problems, it does have a very important function in your body. It’s one of the hormones released during a stress response. But you aren’t supposed to stress as much as you probably do!
Your stress response should only activate when you’re in danger. It’s supposed to be a fight or flight response. Not a response to forgetting to buy the chicken for dinner or missing a deadline at work!
Because it’s a physiological response for fight or flight, your body creates a quick increase in energy. The sugar stores in your liver break down and rush into your blood. So your blood sugar spikes.
Now think about how many times this happens every day when you stress! It’s not a good thing if you’re diabetic, is it?
Learn how to cope with stress so it doesn’t wreck havoc on your type II diabetes.
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Control the release of the stress hormone cortisol to manage your blood sugar better
Use these tips to manage your stress:
·         Focus on being realistic about your goals - be it work or personal. Having a plan for your everyday goals is one way of combatting stress. Take a few minutes to write down your daily goals every morning.
·         Start changing small things in your life to ease your stress. For example, if its money that’s a constant stress in your life, draw up a budget. It’ll be easier to see where to save money when you write it on paper.
·         Take charge of your health. Keep managing your diabetes and remember to include your doctor in your treatment, says WebMD.
Taking control of the release of the stress hormone cortisol can mean the difference between proper control of your diabetes and allowing it to ruin your health for good. Manage your stress so you can manage your diabetes too. 

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Stop stressing, it messes with your blood sugar!
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