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Stop putting sweetener in your tea! It could cause type 2 diabetes

by , 07 October 2014

If you're using artificial sweeteners in your tea and coffee because you're looking after your health and weight, watch out! They might be worse for you than you thought.

They might leave you with the one health issue you're trying to prevent: Type 2 diabetes.

There’s one kind of sweetener that’s putting your health at risk

A common sweetener, sucralose, is the topic of health discussion at the moment.
This because a recent study of 17 overweight, non-diabetic individuals proved that it isn’t innocent when it comes to your blood sugar and diabetes risk.
After participants drank a sucralose sweetened drink, their blood sugar and insulin levels shot up.
But here’s the thing, the brand tested in the study, Splenda, contains no calories and contains sucralose as the sweetening agent.
It shouldn’t affect on blood sugar at all!
It should have acted as an inert substance that just adds to taste. And that’s why the manufacturer’s claim it’s safe for non-diabetics and those with type 2 diabetes.
But that’s not what the research found.
In the study, participants performed two tests. First, they drank a glass of water and then a normal sugary drink. Researchers measured how their blood sugar reacted.
They then came back for a second test where they drank water sweetened with Splenda and again followed with a normal sugary drink.
Shockingly, all participants blood sugar and insulin levels shot up on average 20% higher than when they’d just drank the water and sugary drink.
If you were to believe the claims by the manufacturers, the sucralose/water mixture should have provided the same effects on blood sugar and insulin levels as drinking plain water.
So when the researchers published their result last year in the journal Diabetes Care, the brand’s spokesperson released a statement on behalf of Splenda. They simply said their tests, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, showed there were no changes in blood sugar or insulin levels after product use.
What does that mean for you?
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Test the reaction of artificial sweeteners on your own body and whether it could lead to type 2 diabetes

You can test the effect of artificial sweeteners on your system. All you have to do is drink something sweetened with a sucralose sweetener and record how you feel within the next few hours.
Take note of your mood, energy levels and ability to concentrate.
The following day, keeping everything as you did the day before, drink the same drink at the same time of the day but keep the sweetener. Again, take note of how you feel, your mood, energy levels and ability to concentrate.
Continue to drink your tea and coffee without the sweetener to see if there are any noticeable changes.
While it’s not an accurate or scientific test, you’re likely to feel the changes if your blood sugar. It won’t shoot up sky high and then come crashing down because of the sucralose sweetener.
So give it a go to change your addiction to sweet things and lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes

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Stop putting sweetener in your tea! It could cause type 2 diabetes
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