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Statins linked to diabetes...

by , 29 May 2013

In a study published in Lancet, researchers looked at data on 90,000 people from 13 studies and found that statins increase the risk of diabetes by 9%. And, the older you get, the higher your risk.

Other researchers have found the risk to be even higher. A 2008 study found that a statin could increase the risk of diabetes by as much as 25%.

With close to 40 million people in America alone taking statins and millions more around the world, it will quickly add up to tens of thousands of new diabetes cases…

One other drug posing problems for diabetics...

A new study shows the common prescription diabetes drug metformin can rob diabetics of the key nutrient, vitamin B12.

And this can lead to depression, moodiness, irritability, fatigue, nerve damage, anaemia and memory problems.

Even worse, many doctors miss this critical deficiency completely and assume these conditions are being caused by the diabetes itself or from ageing.

In the study published in the British Medical Journal, researchers gave 390 diabetics either metfomin or a placebo.

After four years, those who had been taking metformin had a 19% drop in their vitamin B12 levels, while those on the placebo had no change.

The researchers say this deficiency appears to get worse over time.

No matter how bad your condition has become or how long you’ve had it, it’s not too late to make lifestyle changes to improve your situation. These include restricting carbs and sugar and losing weight.

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Statins linked to diabetes...
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