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Short bursts of exercise are better for increasing insulin sensitivity…

by , 17 May 2014

We already know exercise is a must if you want to control your blood sugar and prevent type II diabetes. But when and how you exercise is also important. A recent study showed short bursts of exercise are more beneficial for people with insulin resistance than one longer exercise session. Let's have a look…


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Help prevent type II diabetes by breaking your exercise routine up into smaller sessions

In a study in the journal Diabetalogica, researchers in New Zealand recruited nine people with insulin resistance. This symptom is a precursor of type II diabetes.

As is common with pre-diabetics, when these participants ate, their blood sugar would shoot up and remain high for hours after they’d eaten.

So, the researchers asked the participants to do one 30-minute session of exercise on one day. This session finished about half an hour before their mealtime. On another day, the participants broke up their 30-minutes exercise session into three lots of 10 minutes each, before breakfast, lunch and supper. 

The results were astonishing!

When they exercised for 30-minutes straight, their blood sugar was lower after dinner than if they didn’t exercise. But what’s interesting is when they broke that exercise session into three sessions during the day, their blood sugar stabilised for a full 24 hours. 

And, it seems high intensity exercise is more effective at lowering blood sugar levels than moderate exercise.

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Control your diabetes symptoms better with quick exercise bursts throughout the day

There’s nothing quite as effective as exercise to lower blood sugar levels. That’s because when the muscles contract, they draw sugar from the bloodstream for fuel.

So if you can exercise for just 10 minutes before each meal, you could benefit from stable blood sugar throughout the day. And, most importantly, you could prevent type II diabetes or control it better if you’ve already been diagnosed.

And, the best thing is, you don’t need to rush in out of the gym for this. Simply go for a brisk walk or run up the stairs a few times.   

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Short bursts of exercise are better for increasing insulin sensitivity…
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