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Scientists have discovered how to prevent type II diabetes on Mount Everest…

by , 07 May 2014

Type II diabetes makes up about 95% of all diabetes cases worldwide. Doctors have known for decades that obesity leads to diabetes. But, now scientists have discovered the real physiological cause of type II diabetes. And they went all the way to the top of Mount Everest to prove it. Have a look…


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The lack of oxygen on the top of Mount Everest could help millions prevent type II diabetes 

One group of scientists, doctors, nurses and volunteers trekked up to Mount Everest’s base camp at 5,300 metres. While, the second group climbed to the very top of the highest mountain of the world to 8,848 metres.

The scientists measured blood sugar, body weight and inflammation markers carefully at six and eight weeks. And what they discovered could be very significant to prevent and help treat type II diabetes

The lack of oxygen (hypoxia) on the mountain affected two insulin resistance markers: Inflammation and oxidative stress. These two risk factors prevent the small blood vessels in the body from delivering enough oxygen to fat tissue. And this in turn causes type II diabetes.
Here’s how you can tweak your diabetes management programme to help reduce these two risk factors…


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Add these two steps to your daily regimen to improve insulin sensitivity  

Step #1: Take a potent antioxidant daily to reduce the oxidative stress on your blood vessels. And add more detoxifying foods and drinks to your diet.

Step #2: Take fish oil which contains omega-3 fatty acids daily to help reduce inflammation in your body.

Follow these two steps to improve your diabetes treatment plan and help prevent type II diabetes if you haven’t been diagnosed yet.

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Scientists have discovered how to prevent type II diabetes on Mount Everest…
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