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Reverse type II diabetes by varying your walking pace!

by , 22 January 2013

Medical research has long shown that physical exercise reduces the need for diabetes medication. It can even reverse type II diabetes. Now, new research shows that certain forms of exercise are more effective than others in beating diabetes. Here’s how varying your steps can help you start walking your way to better health!

Regular physical activity is key in the treatment of diabetes, writes Dr Patrick Massey on the Chicago Daily Herald.
Type II diabetics can even achieve remission of diabetes-level blood sugar if they lose weight and exercise to get fit, according to a study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as mentioned in Diabetes Health. 
That’s because exercise helps the body’s tissues use available insulin.
Send your diabetes packing by doing more exercise and your overall health will benefit!
Now, a diabetes study from the University of Copenhagen showed that interval walking, a combination of high intensity and low intensity walking, is significantly better than simply continuous walking at a steady pace to treat diabetes. 
While any form of walking is better than doing nothing, you shouldn’t just hop on a treadmill and call it a day, cautions FSP Health.
How you exercise is just as important as the exercise itself.
The right combination of resistance training and aerobic workouts can unlock two key benefits for those living with diabetes: Lower blood sugar levels and fewer meds.

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Reverse type II diabetes by varying your walking pace!
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