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Revealed: Why low testosterone could be making your sugar diabetes worse

by , 02 April 2014

Men suffering from sugar diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone. And low testosterone levels and practitioners often overlook this fact when treating your type II diabetes starts. Here's what you need to know about the link between diabetes and testosterone and how you can manage both ailments…

Testosterone plays an important role in maintaining normal glucose levels in your blood

Obesity is the root cause of your type II diabetes. But it’s also obesity that negatively affects your testosterone production. This because the more fat cells you have, the less testosterone you have, [LINK]
But did you know testosterone plays an important role in maintaining blood sugar levels? You see, testosterone helps insulin. It makes cells more accommodating to insulin, and they therefore use more sugar, lowering your blood sugar levels.
So when your testosterone levels fall, you’re likely to become insulin resistant. And this means your blood sugar levels rise, making your type II diabetes symptoms worse.
WebMD says that scientists aren’t yet sure whether diabetes causes testosterone levels to drop, or whether low testosterone levels cause diabetes. But one thing is certain: Controlling your testosterone and diabetes is essential to protecting your health.

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Speak to your doctor about your sugar diabetes and testosterone levels
The National Institutes of Health explain how important it is to connect sugar diabetes with male sexual health. It’s a matter of associating the two aliments when screening and treating diabetes.
So speak to your doctor about checking your testosterone levels. There are effective ways to prevent your low testosterone levels from not only impacting your sex life but your overall health too.
Don’t let your sugar diabetes leave your suffering from the devastating symptoms of low testosterone. Take the necessary steps to correct your testosterone levels. This means you’ll only have one thing to worry about in future: Controlling your type II diabetes. 

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Revealed: Why low testosterone could be making your sugar diabetes worse
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