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Revealed: The simple yet weighty secret to managing your diabetes

by , 09 April 2013

Diabetes is diagnosed around the world each day. This means many people have to make drastic changes to their lifestyle. Now, a new study suggests simple as lifting weights to build more ‘white muscle' and keep your blood glucose levels under control…

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, chances are you’ve already made the necessary changes to your diet.
Especially as new data from 20 studies comparing seven diets for type II diabetes showed the Mediterranean was the best by just about every possible measure, says FSP Health.
But there’s another way to get your blood sugar under control.
Because researchers from the University of Michigan have found that lifting weights can increase white muscle.
This is the type of muscles found in athletes requiring short, intense bursts of energy.
And this, in turn, could be the key to keeping diabetes in check, says The New Age.
Exercise your way to better blood sugar level control!
That’s why bicep curls, bench presses, and other bodybuilding exercises may help diabetics manage their condition, says NewsMaxHealth.
If lifting weights isn’t your thing, FSP Health says brisk walking is just as good as running when it comes to reducing your diabetes risk – especially if you’re pre-diabetic.
And if you’re pre-diabetic, get active to resist sugar cravings today
The Mumbai Mirror confirms you don’t have to lift 2kg dumbbells to resist the sugary treats that put you at risk of developing type II diabetes
All it takes is an evening stroll or a weekly dance class, as any sort of exercise will help weed sugar out of your bloodstream, and also produce endorphins, a brain chemical that will make you feel good just the way you do from a sugar rush.
See? Exercise really is the answer!

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Revealed: The simple yet weighty secret to managing your diabetes
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