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Revealed: South Africa's very own home-grown diabetes solution

by , 01 November 2013

Rooibos is one of SA's best love exports. And it's been hailed worldwide as one of the most potent natural health remedies on the planet. Now, studies show it could help in the fight against diabetes too…

Later this month, we’ll celebrate World Diabetes Day. But here at FSP Health, we can’t wait until then to tell you the details of this diabetes breakthrough.


Because currently, 14.7 million African’s suffer from diabetes – and doctors expect that figure to double by the time 2030 comes around.

And that means, you need to take action NOW!

If you only do one thing today, drink a cup of rooibos

“New evidence has emerged of rooibos’ anti-diabetic potential. The discovery is the result of a joint study conducted by the Diabetes Discovery Platform from South Africa’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and the Agricultural Research Council’s (ARC) Infruitec-Nietvoorbij Institute,” explains Health24.

It showed that “the constituents present in rooibos could prove beneficial in the fight against diabetes” when tested on diabetic rats.

How does it work?

The tea “improves cellular metabolism and increases the breakdown of sugar into energy,” adds the Mail & Guardian.

But to get the best benefits, remember colour matters.

According to the study, green rooibos is the tea you want to drink. This because green rooibos (which is processed differently) has higher levels of antioxidants than traditional rooibos, writes the South African Rooibos Council. Normal rooibos is slightly less effective.

So there you have it. Protect yourself from diabetes by ditching your morning coffee and starting the day off with a cup of rooibos instead.

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Revealed: South Africa's very own home-grown diabetes solution
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