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Revealed: How one cup of coffee a day could lower your diabetes risk by a third

by , 24 March 2014

There's no reason to feel bad about your morning coffee vice. As the results of a recent study prove.

Researchers found that drinking coffee can cut your risk of type II diabetes dramatically.

Here's why...

Study reveals: Drinking coffee could reduce your risk of diabetes, regardless of the type of coffee or dosage
According study published in the February 2014 issue of Diabetes Care, a meta-analysis of 28 prospective studies showed that drinking coffee could reduce your risk of diabetes, regardless whether the coffee is caffeinated or not.
This after it found that people who drink six cups per day had 33% lower risk of diabetes compared to people who don’t drink coffee at all;
Now six cups of coffee is a lot of coffee. And if you’re drinking expressos, you could be at risk for other ailments such as your blood pressure. But, there are two important aspects of this study:

·         The caffeine issue was taken out of the equation. Decaffeinated coffee worked as well.
·         Researchers also found that the benefits of the coffee weren’t dose dependant. That means drinking even ONE cup can help lower your diabetes risk.
That’s good news for coffee lovers everywhere…
So, what’s the secret behind coffee’s diabetes lowering properties?


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Here’s why coffee is a powerful diabetes fighter
Coffee is a powerful diabetes fighter because it includes antioxidant polyphenols, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and chromium. The most significant among these is chlorogenic acid.
Research shows that chlorogenic acid can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar absorption. So it’s no wonder that coffee’s so good for lowering your diabetes risk.
But don’t fret if you don’t like coffee.
Good news if you’re not a coffee drinker: Green coffee been extract does the trick too
If you’re not a coffee drinker you don't have to become one to reap its best rewards. Green coffee bean extract contains all the same beneficial compounds as coffee itself, including chlorogenic acid.

In fact, green coffee bean extract contains highly concentrated amounts of these compounds. This makes it an even more potent source of coffee's benefits. Which is why even coffee drinkers can benefit from adding green coffee bean extract to their daily diet.
So, there you have it. There’s noo reason to feel bad about your coffee vice. Drink another cup of coffee and cut your diabetes risk by a third. 

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Revealed: How one cup of coffee a day could lower your diabetes risk by a third
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