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Revealed! Adiponectin is the real key to managing diabetes…

by , 21 April 2014

If you experience mid-afternoon energy slumps accompanied by brain fog, it could mean your blood sugar is low. And that generally happens when your body doesn't make enough adiponectin. It's a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar and with insulin sensitivity. And the less adiponectin your body makes, the more weight you put on. That's why type 2 diabetics are generally overweight. Here's how to increase your adiponectin levels naturally…


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Discover the mushroom of life for type 2 diabetes

A Japanese researcher named Furumoto discovered an unfamiliar mushroom species growing in Brazil in the sixties. He sent it to Japan to be studied and it got the official name of Agaricus blazei. Then, in the nineties, researchers found it could help prevent cancer. And, as research on this mushroom species stepped up, researchers also found it helps stabilise blood sugar levels, increases energy and combats fat cells. And the reason it can do all this is because it helps the body produce more adiponectin.  

One of the most effective natural remedies for diabetes

In a study at the University of Texas, researchers deprived a group of mice of the hormone leptin. This hormone controls appetite, so without it, the mice ate almost non-stop until they were five times their normal size. And because of this they all developed diabetes.
Then, the researchers did this same experiment with another group of mice. But these mice were made to produce about three times the normal amount of adiponectin. This group also became grossly obese but none of the mice developed diabetes.

It turns out the first group of mice developed fat around their organs which increases your risk for diabetes and heart disease. The second group on the other hand, stored their fat just under the skin, enabling them to have normal blood sugar and continue being sensitive to insulin. This explains why some obese people don’t develop diabetes – and why some thin people develop sugar diabetes.

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But how can you get hold of Agaricus blazei to help your body make more adiponectin?

You won’t find Agaricus blazei easily in health shops but you can find it in this blood sugar formula which also contains chromium and biotin to help regulate your diabetes blood sugar levels.

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Revealed! Adiponectin is the real key to managing diabetes…
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